Services offered

A beautiful smile is always in style.


  • Metal braces

  • Ceramic clear braces

  • Clear aligners (Invisalign, SureSmile)

  • Interceptive orthodontics for children

  • Alignment setup for implants, crown, and bridge

  • Coordinated orthognathic jaw surgery

  • Accelerated orthodontics

  • Impacted teeth and wisdom teeth

  • Uprigting molars

  • TMJ disorder (TMD)

  • Trauma management

Removable and fixed appliances

  • Clear essix retainer

  • Hawley retainer

  • Fixed wire retainer

  • Nightguard

  • Mouthguard/Sportsguard

  • Space maintainer

  • Carriere motion appliance

  • Orthodontic headgear or face frame

  • Transpalatal bar

  • Rapid maxillary expansion

  • Frankel appliance

Tooth whitening

  • Zoom! professional in-office whitening

  • Take-home whitening kits


  • 3-D intraoral scanning

  • Lateral cephalogram

  • Panoramic x-ray

  • Periapical x-ray

  • Occlusal x-ray

Photo of metal braces on a teeth model

Metal braces

Photo of ceramic braces on a teeth model

Ceramic braces

Photo of Invisalign aligners on a teeth model

Invisalign aligners

Photo of SureSmile aligners on a teeth model

SureSmile aligners